Working With Crystals: White Howlite

When I received the Munay-Ki rites from Bryan, I began meditating more often to connect with the ancestors and the archetypes. (I will be doing some posts about these soon.)

It was during this time that Bryan ordered a few pi stones (another part of the Munay-Ki rites) to give to those who received the rites through him.

I hadn’t had a chance to look at them yet when I meditated for the day. In honesty, I wanted to ask the spirits for a Moonstone, because I believed they were very beautiful and what I needed at the moment.

Instead, the spirits gave me a vision of my pi stone. It was a beautiful white with silver veins, and it appeared as the white circle within the darkness of the yin yang symbol. Later I did some research and found that the stone was showing as the light within yin, the feminine side.

When I told Bryan of this, he didn’t respond. Instead, he went to the box of pi stones and pulled one out. And I was amazed to see the pi stone from my vision. We both had a good laugh at the fact that my pi stone was picked out personally by the spirits.

And this pi stone was made of White Howlite. Fascinated, I put in a lot of effort to understand this crystal, and this is what I have found…

White Howlite was discovered by the Canadian chemist and mineralogist Henry How in 1868. Then, before it became more widely known, traders began dyeing pieces of the stone to make it look like the ever-popular Turquoise.

I am not sure whether crystal suppliers still do this, but I do believe there are only a few who do. So if you are looking for Turquoise, be sure to inspect and prove that it is not simply dyed Howlite.

But that isn’t to say White Howlite is an undesirable crystal. In fact, for me, it is one of the most powerful crystals. And the power lies in its subtle nature.

That is because this is a crystal of patience and perspective. With it, you find yourself living in a more mindful manner. This brings about many other changes in the spirit, mind, and even the body.

White Howlite is an exceptional absorber of stress and tension. This allows a calm and contemplative silence in the minds of those who normally find their brain to be very chatty. For those quick to anger, it helps them stay calm and take a moment to consider all of the angles.

In other words, this crystal tempers the storm of the mind to allow for compassion and sensitivity.

Because of its mission to do so, White Howlite is known as a highly competent cleanser of negative energy. It even provides strength to those who tend to be softer and easier to take advantage of, like I used to be.

This strength is specific to helping us handle the anger of others around us, in a way that ensures our best interests are met and our boundaries are still secure.

While meditating with my pi stone, I have found that White Howlite connects to the crown chakra, and serves to awaken our thirst for spiritual knowledge. This manifests within the body as well, since it also signals when we are physically thirsty.

White Howlite also strengthens us by regulating our calcium levels, which strengthens our bones, gives our teeth a nice gleam, and helps us grow luscious and shiny hair.

My highest recommendation for the use of White Howlite is to place it anywhere in your home or office where the energy needs to be detoxed. This will ease any tension in the area and enhance communication to get everyone on the same page.

A more personal use for it that I like to do with my pi stone is to place it under my pillow when I go to sleep. It helps settle the mind before bed so that I am not keeping myself up with spinning thoughts.

If you do have this crystal and are in need of some very serious and prolonged healing, it is best to clean this stone regularly. To do that, you can simply run cold water over it and pat it dry. Or, if you would like, White Howlite likes to sit in bowls of brown rice (not cooked) as well.

You will need to recharge it occasionally as well. So whenever you find the night to feel especially cold, place this stone under the light of the moon. It will absorb both the potency of the moonlight and the cool temperature.

Since I have received my pi stone, I have become quite infatuated with White Howlite and all of its properties. It is my belief that Aya’s wish for us to be compassionate towards others and ourselves lies in this stone.

Hence my belief that White Howlite is the Bringer of Peace.

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