Working With Crystals: Tiger's Eye

Said to contain power from both the sun and the earth, Tiger’s Eye was immediately associated with the mythical tiger king of all beasts. It was believed by ancient societies to grant the ability to see everything, even through closed doors.

Because of its associative name, the Egyptians used this crystal as the eyes for deity statues, as a representation of their divine vision. This also led to its use by the Romans to encourage bravery in battle.

When we look at Tiger’s Eye through today’s lens, we see a crystal that is all about inner strength and personal willpower. That inner strength and willpower comes from its ability to regulate our energetic flow and calm it when needed. It balances us so that we can reach our potential.

And then it awakens our inner hunter, driving our motivation up to get to what we want. This shows itself in our increased energy, speedier metabolism, and our body realigning its hormones.

While Tiger’s Eye balances the body, it balances the emotions as well. Just as it regulates the energy, it regulates the emotions so that we are able to process them. This can help anyone with heavy emotional issues such as seasonal depression, tricky emotional ties and any type of addiction.

As a bonus, this crystal also brings in a little luck and prosperity, so as to reduce the stresses that can prevent us from focusing on what the Tiger’s Eye wants for us.

With all the work it does on our root and sacral chakras, I believe it wants to give us a strong foundation in our lives. That strong foundation leads to good habits, which leads to healthy and happy lives.

To make Tiger’s Eye work best for you, I believe in putting it somewhere where a grounded and harmonious foundation is needed (Mostly the homestead and office/workspace.).

If you plan to keep it in your home, I suggest placing it either by the front door, the window, or any child’s bedroom or nursery. This curates a harmonious environment, with everyone’s moods feeling grounded.

When you want to take Tiger’s Eye with you to work, be sure to let it focus on your… well, focus. There you will find it will shake off your procrastination and help you gain a new level of insight to that complex situation with no easy answer.

Before using or gifting to anyone in need of it, however, you should ensure that this crystal is at its strongest.

To do that, you can let it sit in water for a couple of hours or outside in the late afternoon. I find the best way is actually a combination. I will place it in an especially earthy spot, where the late sun can beam down strongly on it.

While the Tiger’s Eye normally does not need to work with others, I found there are quite a few interesting combinations with its energy.

To amplify its protective warrior energy, a great match can be with either Black Obsidian or Smoky Quartz.

And if you want to represent all four elements for a special healing meditation, I have found that the best representatives for them are; Tiger’s Eye for Earth, Aquamarine for Water, Fuschite for Air, and Red Garnet for Fire.

All in all, the Tiger’s Eye represents our inner hunter, whether what we hunt is that promotion, a loving relationship, or simply a healthy meal that hits the stomach in just the right way.

I truly believe this crystal is our silent strength.

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