Working With Crystals: Smoky Quartz

Another quartz gem with quite an extensive history and a myriad of uses, this crystal is well known for being the official gem of Scotland. But they aren’t the only ones who have been known to use it.

It was said to have first been mined by the Celts in the wild Cairngorm Mountains. They then used it to make pins for men’s kilts and brooches for ladies to wear on their chests. The Chinese used it in a similar fashion, only they used it to make sunglasses. Meanwhile Romans and Sumerians used this quartz to make seals (as Romans apparently loved to do with any type of quartz).

Smoky Quartz has been found even further back as well. There is evidence that it was celebrated by the Maori tribes in New Zealand. It is said that Ancients believed it to guide one’s soul to the afterlife. Because of this, they were known to use Smoky Quartz in Shamanic and Tribal rituals in order to communicate with the Underworld.

Because of this darker side to this crystal, many believe it represents the darker powers of Aya. I am inclined to agree, although I know from experience that dark doesn’t need to equal bad.

With its earthy brown color, this crystal does wonders for your root chakra, and is even known to help with your crown chakra as well. It is one of the more powerful grounding stones I have come across, while adding that air of mysticism due to its ability to connect to the spiritual places you reside in. Because of this, I prefer to use Smoky Quartz in meditation when I am struggling to bring the mystical lessons I have learned in my life into the physical world.

If you are having trouble with getting your creativity going, this crystal is helpful in generating an energetic flow in your hands for creation. It also clears blockages as well, such as geopathic stress and EMF smog.

This crystal can also be a special tool in overcoming any fears that prevent you from leaving situations that do not serve your higher purpose, such as a crappy job or toxic relationship. Or even bad habits and behaviors. Which makes it an ideal crystal to have around if you are undergoing detox or rehab.

Note: If you are going through this type of immense change to your life, it is absolutely essential that you seek help from professionals. While this crystal can help mentally, you will still have to do the work, and the ones most suited to point you in the right direction are those trained specifically to do so.

Physically, Smoky Quartz is ideal for women who are going through their monthly cycles. This is purely because it is known to help alleviate all of the physical symptoms; muscle cramps and spasms, slow metabolism, and back pain.

If you need help with these symptoms, this crystal can do it while you sleep. All you have to do is place it underneath your bed.

You can also place it close to your front door or any creative workspace to keep out the unnecessary and keep in the deep earthly positives.

After all of that, this crystal will need cleaning and charging. To clean it, simply run some water over it and then pat dry. To charge it, there are multiple ways to do so. The most popular way is to let it sit with a Crystal Quartz (preferably one bigger than your said Smoky Quartz), but you can also smudge it with sage as well.

Another way, which I have yet to try, is to find a sacred place and bury it there for thirty minutes. If you plan to do this, I recommend sitting in meditation while it is buried and simply listen to the sounds of nature around you. If there are no sounds of nature in this area you have found, some music with an earthly nature will work.

What your Smoky Quartz focuses on can change as you pair it with different crystals as well.

If you wish to focus on healing (while adding a smattering of glorious good luck), it is recommended to pair this crystal with either Jade or Topaz.

To layer up on protection when needed, you can add Smoky Quartz to a pile with Black Tourmaline, Hematite, and/or Black Obsidian.

Another side note: If you are in danger, please call an emergency hotline. Crystals can only do so much.

When looking for more spiritual soundness, Kyanite and/or Lapis Lazuli are an excellent combination with Smoky Quartz.

And to enhance the mystical properties of this crystal and the feeling of fall nights, Moonstone brings a light to this crystal’s darker side.

All in all, I have found that, while Smoky Quartz may not be a beginner stone, it is still a great tool. One meant to help you face your darker side and thus connect you to your mysticism.

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