Working With Crystals: Malachite

The beautiful green of the Malachite makes us think of emeralds and other clear-cut gems popularly known as status symbols of wealth. And with its ability to bring luck and prosperity, it draws a lot of attention to itself.

As far back as 4,000 BC, Egyptians mined this stone and ground it down for eye shadow. Because of how easy it was to grind the stone into powder, the Greeks named it Malakos (meaning soft).

Then throughout time it became almost tradition to give your children a Malachite stone. Medieval parents believed it would protect the children from harm and black magic. They would also hang them over children’s beds to protect them while they slept and keep their nightmares at bay.

It became commonly used in protection rituals as well, since it was said to alert the wearer of danger by breaking. It then became known as a guardian of the heart. Through this it started to gain popularity with travelers of all kinds.

Through movement, Malachite has been known to help people move forward. It encourages you to let go of old traumas, along with the behavioral pattern associated with that trauma. It then makes you step out of what you know, out of your comfort zone, and helps you make that transformation into a healed and better you.

And as we heal, we attract wealth into our life, thus Malachite is known to bring wealth. A popular way to attract this wealth is to place the stone in a cash drawer or near money.

This crystal is even strong enough to produce physical results as well. Many claim it helps them with their possible menstrual problems and any pain they may have gone through during labor. Others have said it helped them sleep better, causing an immune boost.

Malachite has also been known to help older generations with any arthritis in any of their joints.

In any type of transformation we go through, Malachite helps us overcome the physical side effects of our fear as well.

To use this stone most efficiently, many people like to place it beside a door so as to prevent negative energy from getting through. It will also be used to stir up energy in stagnant places, many times in the bedroom to “spice things up.”

For a more spiritual use, you can pair Malachite with Tourmaline and Hematite for a crystal healing session. Or you can keep it with Lapis Lazuli to tap into your more playful nature.

If you’re looking for a physical assistant in your immune system, this crystal works well with Agate.

Before you use it for anything, though, a good cleanse should be in order. You can cleanse it gently with running water, but be careful as it can crumble. If it does crumble, I suggest burying it under a full moon so that it can still give the land around it a little luck.

You can also place it in a garden, underneath a tree, or even bury it for a night in order to recharge it as well.

All in all, Malachite will show you the beauty of wealth, whether it’s spiritual wealth or even financial wealth.

And I believe Malachite represents Aya’s wish for us to see our true worth.

Bonus Anecdote: Yesterday was a series of strange coincidences involving Malachite for me.

It started when I began writing out this post yesterday. I had trouble figuring out which crystal to write about next, when I remembered the beautiful new Malachite stone Bryan and I received from a good friend.

It made me think about the holiday, and how it is associated with the color green, which is something I wanted to honor in this post. So Malachite was chosen.

As I was writing, I noticed an odd coincidence. On this week that I decided to write about Malachite, I learned about its use in helping with menstrual cycles. This is a coincidence to me because I happen to be ending my menstrual cycle. (Sorry to the squeamish.)

Also, later in the day, I felt compelled to meditate. And after, for some reason, I decided to grab my Wild Crystals deck from Tamed Wild.

I shuffled the deck with my eyes closed and asked, "What crystal should I focus on for the rest of the day?" I shuffled a few more times, then opened my eyes to see what card had ended up on top.

And there it was, Malachite. I couldn't help but laugh at the synchronicity, but all the same I followed the signs. And it led to a beautiful evening with my son, and then a romantic night with Bryan.

By talking about Malachite today, I believe I am honoring what it did for me yesterday.

If you have any fun stories about Malachite, or any other crystal for that matter, you can always go to our Facebook page and post about it.

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