Working With Crystals: Clear Quartz

Another well known quartz, Clear Quartz is commonly referred to as Crystal Quartz. It is also known as a Master Healer, since it has many uses and is an amplifying stone compatible with any other crystal you can come across.

Its history has quite the connection with the divine as well. Grecians believed this crystal was created when Hercules dropped the Crystal of Truth from the top of Mount Olympus. So it followed that anyone who was in possession of it could not lie. I imagine they used them during trials (at least I would have if I were them).

In parts of Asia, it was believed to be pure dragon’s essence.

Romans thought it was solidified ice. They would have the women carry this on hot days to keep cool.

Over time, Clear Quartz became known as a light bringer as well. When the sun hits it just right, I can see why it has been called that.

To be honest, my very first crystal was a Clear Quartz, and it did so much for me before I obtained any others.

It stimulated brighter feelings in me whenever I wore it, keeping me calm and regulating my emotions any time I was in an emotional overdrive. It helped me let go of my worries about what others thought of me. And it connected me with all of my chakras, encouraging my spiritual growth to begin with.

I later learned that this quartz is also able to help purify your soul and aura, promote clairvoyance, and is even said to be able to protect you from psychic attacks.

There are some great physical health benefits to this crystal as well. As a master healer, it goes straight to the root of any health issue by removing toxins and boosting your immune system. It’s been well known to help with headaches as well.

If you suffer from any of these issues, it would probably be best to wear this crystal.

Since Clear Quartz can cleanse and purify energy, I like to place it somewhere close to the center of the house and by a window so that it can catch the sunlight.

Unlike most quartz crystals, this one can be left out in the sun for long periods of time. It is a great way to clean out any bad energy, along with smudge and saltwater.

For an especially bad blockage, running water works as well, though I recommend using a soft and dry cloth to polish it after.

If it just needs to be charged, I have found the best way to do this is to place it beneath a plant on the night of a full moon. Then just let it soak in the moonlight while you get some rest (or not if you’re daily schedule is different).

And pairing this crystal is as easy as pie. For me, it is just a matter of what I want to accomplish. I find a crystal based on what I want, and simply pair it with the Clear Quartz to empower it even more.

All in all, Clear Quartz is a great way to bring out the best in you, as it brings out the best in its fellow crystals.

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