Working With Crystals: Aventurine

Aventurine is a crystal that has some contradiction on how it first came to be. Some say that the Amazonians first used them in their shields. Others say an 18th century glass worker accidentally created the stone when he dropped metal shavings into a vat of melted glass.

Either way, this crystal has become known as both a healing stone and a good luck charm.

With its ability to grant a little luck in your endeavors, it has become popular with gamblers. And with the belief it increases clairvoyance and induces dreams, it has become commonly used among psychics as well.

Physically, Aventurine is known to balance the nervous system, help with vision and hearing. This tilts the mind towards more positive thinking, making you feel comforted and harmonized. This leads to relief of stress and sometimes a spark of imagination.

That is why I recommend this crystal for anyone who is forced to make a long and slow recovery from illness or injury.

It is also useful to those trying to break bad habits as well, and the cycles these habits create.

A big part of this is because Aventurine clears out blockages in your chakra system, though it tends to mainly focus on the heart chakra.

This crystal likes to calm troubled spirits and give them some inner peace. It then nurtures actions of leadership and compassion, which leads to confidence. And with a little luck leads to prosperity as well.

For these reasons, my favorite place to use Aventurine is on my work desk so as to give myself and Rewrite My Story a little boost.

If you ever find yourself in a place where the harmonious energy is off-balance, this crystal is a good tool to help remedy that as well.

Once this crystal’s energy has been used, it is best to cleanse and recharge it before putting it away or reusing it.

To do this, you can simply rinse under running water and pat it dry. Then, to recharge it, place it in some sunlight among some plants for a full day. Any plants will do, but I feel that if you place the Aventurine next to your favorite flower or a house plant you have been personally taking care of, it will help the crystal become more personal towards your own goals and what is blocking you from achieving them.

You can also steer this stone’s energy towards any specific use when you pair it with other crystals.

For example, you could pair it with Jade if you’re hoping to bring yourself a good amount of luck. For protection, the best pairing is with Pyrite and Hematite. And to find some glory, Aventurine works with either Goldstone, Goethite or Fuschite to accomplish this.

My favorite pairing, however, is Aventurine with Malachite. This pair works together to help you process any changes in your life, so as to help you transition from one phase of life to the next.

When I think about how this crystal works and what it can do with others, I imagine it holds the energy that inspires Spring Cleaning. It helps us clear out the old, to make room for the new.

With the Spring Equinox passing, I can say personally that I felt this surge of cleansing energy within my home (where I keep a stash of Aventurine) and also within myself.

And this, I hope, leads to a prosperous future for me and my family.

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