Working With Crystals: Aquamarine

When you think of a crystal with the name Aquamarine you are, of course, going to associate it with water. And you would be correct in doing so.

Aquamarine crystals have been used to protect sailors at sea, help children overcome their fears of swimming, and to encourage the life and protection of aquatic animals.

Its abilities with water, however, are not the only things this stone has been recognized for.

Romans revered it for bringing together both lovers and enemies alike. In Medieval times, it was believed to make soldiers invincible, along with being a popular healing stone for poison. Fortunetellers have used Aquamarine crystals as well to promote their clairvoyance.

Through my experience with Aquamarine, though, I have found it does quite a bit for the body, mind and soul.

In the body, this crystal shows its healing abilities within the eyes and the throat by helping with any vision problems, along with swollen glands, sore throats, and maintaining the thyroids. It has also been known to help promote healthy bones, including your teeth.

Mentally, Aquamarine has been known to deal with a lot of anxieties and phobias (including those of marine nature). It has also helped those seeking closure by washing away unnecessary confusion.

For those who struggle to keep their judgmental nature in check, this crystal has also been used to build understanding of the previously unknown.

When looking at this stone in a spiritual light, its blue tones give away its connection to our throat chakras. This in turn helps give us our voice and our silent observance.

Whenever I use Aquamarine to meditate, I find my meditative state goes deeper and deeper.

For this reason, I like to pair it with Amethyst next to my bedside when I need an especially good night of sleep. If it’s the middle of the day, however, and you are in need of a boost of energy, you can also place one on each eye and relax for as long or as shortly as desired.

This crystal is great for the office as well, as it can help boost communication between co-workers and cut the drama out.

If you have had this crystal for a while, it is time to get it wet. The best way to care for Aquamarine is to give it some water. If you live near the ocean, or have any sea water on you, place it in the water under the full moon for a few hours. Then be sure to rinse it off with fresh water and pat it dry.

Since I do not have access to any sea water, I have found that rainy days work as well. I set the crystal on my porch, in a spot where the rain water can drip over it. This not only cleanses it, but raises its potency as well.

This crystal is quite a powerful meditation stone once I do this. When I use it for meditation, I place it in a special bowl with Topaz, Morganite, Tourmaline and Agate. And I have found this to be a very useful combination.

All in all, Aquamarine truly is the Water Stone. Its aquatic nature connects to the water within us. And with humans being mostly water, I find that this makes it very powerful.

I have also come to the conclusion that there is a special wish Aya fulfills through this crystal, and that is to connect to each and every one of us.

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