Working With Crystals: Amethyst

Though it is not in the name, Amethyst is another crystal under the quartz family and a very popular one at that. Its purple hue makes it aesthetically pleasing for many and reflects its calming nature.

Since 25,000 BC, there have been many superstitions about this crystal in particular. It was said that Amethyst crystals will change color if its owner was under a spell of black magic, fearfulness or deception. This extended to the Greeks believing that if a goblet was made of this crystal, the wine poured into it would change color if it was toxic or even poisoned. Even Catholic Bishops were known to wear it while also being used to make rosaries.

This is due to its ability to connect the divine with the concrete. It also absorbs strains of negativity and transmutes it into positive energy for the user.

Amethyst is ideal for meditation and grounding, and is most popularly used to do so. It soothes the mind and soul, and this manifests itself in many ways with Amethyst.

Physically, it can create a healthy cell regeneration, balance your metabolism and cut through the tension in your muscles from stress. It is also believed to calm the nervous system, preventing nightmares. Because of this, many associate Amethyst as a helper of sleep and even a cure for insomnia. Which, in turn, boosts the immunity system.

Its soothing nature makes it a great emotional tool as well. It is known to center our emotions, which makes it especially helpful for those recovering from overwhelming grief, loss, or any sadness.

Amethyst also works well for those with short tempers, as it dissipates growing rage and then replaces that rage with a halo of serenity.

And for the indecisive, this crystal can help you harness your inner power needed to make the best decision for you.

All of this is because, at its core in my opinion, Amethyst works to clear the chaos within you. Though it doesn’t come as a shock considering it is associated with both the third eye and the crown chakras.

Working with Amethyst, I have found that the best place to leave it is somewhere with a lot of tension. A good commonplace is your workspace, as it can help busy bees reduce stress and become less frantic.

If you have Amethyst crystals that need some cleansing, the best way to do this is to run water over it, pat it dry, and then let it sit under the full moon. This crystal can be placed under sunlight as well, but I don't recommend it as the sun can cause the deep purple color of Amethyst to fade.

For all of these reasons, Amethyst is an ideal crystal for partnering with other crystals. There are a few, I have found, that bring out the most in this quartz.

If you wish to amplify the protective energy that can be found in Amethyst, Tourmaline is your best bet.

To add self-love to your serenity, Rose Quartz and Amethyst is a beautiful pairing.

Citrine and Amethyst together create an eternal Summer of your heart, and can give you a bright burst of energy as well.

To truly tap into your creativity, Aquamarine is the best partner for Amethyst. Together they bring truth, tranquility and a balanced flow of energy.

When you look at everything Amethyst can do, it’s not difficult to conclude that this quartz truly is Aya’s crystal of serenity.

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