What Makes Crystals Special

I would like to begin with a quick apology for not posting this on Tuesday like I normally would have. To make a long story short we just finished transferring to a new computer.

Over the past few weeks, I have been looking at each individual crystal and the details of what they do. Not only in general, but for me personally as well. And what I have looked at so far is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are so many different crystals out there, I am sure there are many I am not even aware of that exist. But taking a look at the few I have around me, I have discovered that taking a look at the individual pieces have helped me to see the idea of crystals as a collective.

In other words, looking at the individual helped me to see the collective in a new light.

And that has been exactly what my healing journey has been all about. Taking a look at myself, the individual, and using that information to help change how I see myself and, therefore, the world around me.

But it took a lot of work and, honestly, I am still on this healing journey with a lot of work left to do.

These crystals I have surrounded myself with, however, have been a big piece of the puzzle in doing this. That is why I have found myself so passionately working to share my knowledge of them with you, the reader. But there are other pieces of the puzzle, and so I must put the crystal posts on hold, at least for now.

If you wish for me to write about more crystals and what they do for us, please let me know. You can ask me through the website's email, or you can go to our Facebook page and post on our wall.

Before we are done with crystals, however, I would like to share why I like to use crystals.

I could just as easily use herbs, essential oils, or any other tool out there for my healing process. But with those other modalities, I can run into obstacles that would hinder the process.

With my family consisting of a toddler and cats, not all herbs and/or essential oils would be safe for them to be around. Therefore, it would be impossible for me to use every scent or ingredient in the mix. And it is quite possible (though I do not know for sure) that the very ones I need specifically would be the ones I would not be able to use.

But with crystals, I don't have to worry about any of my boys getting sick from my healing. In a worst-case-scenario, one of the cats or my son would decide to play with them, moving them from their intended position.

This is a much easier situation to remedy than having to take a trip to the hospital (or the vet), and a much less expensive one as well.

Also, these other tools tend to work purely on a physical level. While this is great for allowing us to focus on our mental and spiritual needs, I find that I need a little extra help in those two areas as well.

And though I don't always see it, crystals have definitely helped me do the work necessary to heal all three aspects.

This is why it is so important, in my opinion, that the research is done when you find something you are interested in. In order to use a tool properly, you need to know how it is used and what it's used for.

Only then will it work for you.

With that, I encourage you to find your tool for healing. And when you do, discover as much as you can about it.

Because when you do, you discover just as much about yourself.

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