The Munay Ki Archetypes: The Jaguar

After connecting to my Snake Archetype, the Jaguar was next to be meditated on. Right away I could feel the difference in almost every aspect. Physically I could feel the change in size, and the change in strength.

The Jaguar demonstrates this strength in its ability to hunt and carry their prey back to their cubs. As the cubs get older, the Jaguar then demonstrates its mental capacities by teaching them how to do the same.

This takes a lot of time and effort on both sides, seeing as cubs' instincts are to play, not to kill.

These efforts to ensure the survival of their children is something I can relate to on a personal level, which I am sure all parents are able to do as well. When I am trying to seriously teach something to my son, I think of the Jaguar's patience it shows when its cubs struggle to achieve their first kill.

Of course, this can be related to all species of animal in the world, but I never truly made the connection until I received the Munay Ki Rites and focused in on the Jaguar.

And the lessons I learned did not simply relate to my parenting.

The Jaguar is a creature that can understand when it is time to be silent and deadly, or when it is acceptable to be loud and playful. Either way, it knows who it is and what it wants out of its life.

This, I believe, is how it has been able to survive as a species for the thousands of years that it has. This kind of mental strength shows how its energetic system is balanced and at peace with itself.

With a lot of effort and self-forgiveness, I feel many of us are capable of achieving this mindset as well.

And, like all cats, the Jaguar knows how to set and maintain their boundaries.

As someone who leans towards people-pleasing, this is something I have always had difficulties with. But I hope that, with the Jaguar's assistance, I am able to achieve this ability and maintain it.

In the meantime, I keep in mind that I am more like the cub at this time than I am the mother.

Of course, all of these things mentioned are personal lessons I have taken from the Jaguar in my meditations with it. For others, the story they see may be something completely different, leading to lessons unrelated to my own.

This just shows how every species, no matter how big or small, carries individual mindsets along with a collective mindset.

So if you are to receive the Rites or even simply meditate with animals, keep in mind that you will see some things that are completely yours to keep, as well as collective information that can be shared with those around you.

That being said, there is a fun little fact about Jaguars that I find to be quite interesting.

For those that do not know of Ayahuasca, I will give a brief description for the purpose of this point.

It is a plant medicine from South America that is used by the shamans and the people as they go through their rites of passage into adulthood. To them, it is an extremely powerful medicine, as well as a physical representation of their Mother Earth. In fact, they call Mother Earth Ayahuasca. The people find the root, mix it with various other plants, and then brew it into a tea to be drank during a ceremony at night.

This root is easily accessible to all in the South American jungles. Fascinatingly enough, the Jaguar knows of this root and consumes it.

There is now video evidence of this, and watching their reaction to the plant's chemicals is something that, in my opinion, is definitely something worth studying.

Until we know more about the Jaguar and its behavior, there is one main lesson I feel I have learned from it.

And that is the true grace and strength that can be found in balance.

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