The Harmony Rite: Archetypes of the Munay Ki

The harmony rite within the Munay Ki tradition connects you with 7 archetypal energies. Each archetype is planted as a seed within your chakra system. These seeds connects you with powerful lessons that can help align your life, and install wisdom within your being. I spoke about this previously in a series of posts on social media. This will compile all the lessons discussed in those posts in an easy to read and access format. The information that I received may be very different from you receive. We always get the information we need to move forward with our path.

The seeds and the lessons I learned:

Root Chakra-Center of safety and security- Serpent

This archetype has taught me to stay connected to the earth, to ground myself into the present moment. It also taught me to let go of what no longer serves me. Just like a snake sheds its skin we must shed parts of our life, beliefs, thoughts and behaviors. This shedding allows our true colors to shine through. Finally, it taught me to stay flexible, to go with the flow of life and bend when I need to bend.

Sacral Chakra-Center of emotions and relationships- Jaguar

There are few lessons I learned from the jaguar.

First, I learned about balance. To balance your life and what you do in it for your emotional stability. To balance your relationship with others and your relationship to yourself. To balance your self-care into your life.

Second, I learned about grace. Walk gracefully through life, attempting to cause the least disturbance in your world around you. Give yourself grace when you are down. And be graceful with your words, actions, thoughts and beliefs.

Finally, I learned to adjust. Just like a felines eyes adjust to see through the dark, so will you. You will adjust to the difficulties and struggles. You will get through them and find balance and grace again even if you can’t see it now.

Solar Plexus Chakra-center of personal power and confidence- Hummingbird

The main lesson I have learned from the hummingbird thus far is to enjoy the nectar of life. To enjoy free time, your work, the blessing you have, the struggles you go through, everything. To cherish your life like a hummingbird cherishes the nectar from a flower. The second lesson I learned was the let your true colors shine. To be bright and be you. Love yourself just as much, hopefully more, then you love your life. Love yourself enough to keep going, be authentic, and follow what brings purpose and fulfillment to your life. Together the lessons work hand in hand. Love yourself and your life. If you love your life you will love yourself and the decisions you make and vice-versa. You are the nectar of life just as much as your life is as well.

Heart Chakra-Center is your center of love- Eagle/ Condor

The first lesson I have learned from this archetype is to fly above the storms of life. To witness these storms and pass above them gracefully. To welcome the challenge the storm brings and overcome it with power and perseverance. The second lesson I learned from this archetype is to watch over the world and its inhabitants with a distant but caring eye. Look after all beings from the heights of the sky. Be a guardian from above, watching intently but not interfering. Finally, the third lesson I learned is to hone your vision. Clearly define what you want to see and want to experience. Clarity of vision is important for dreaming your desired life into existence. Seeing your future in the form of a dream is only the first step to achieving it. Continual development of your dreams in the form of goals, milestones, and successes allow your dreams to come to fruition.

Throat Chakra-Center of speaking truth-Keeper of the lower world(unconscious mind)

The lower world is the world of the unconscious mind, in this place all of the unknown parts of humanity (individually and collectively) exist. This is the house of the shadow, the dark part of ourselves that is often neglected. Within this world exists infinite creative potential, both destructive and creative in nature. The lesson I learned from the lower world is that in order to allow your light to shine in the waking world we must integrate our shadow into our life. The shadow is the parts of yourself that you deny. Your negative thoughts, your trauma, conditioning from childhood, core beliefs, fears of the future, and any part of your mind that you do not want to face, is the shadow. Working with the keeper of the lower world showed me that healing and empowerment comes from shining your awareness on your shadow. We shine our awareness on it by looking at our life honestly; where our emotions come from, where our beliefs come from, why we feel the way we do and by being honest with ourselves. Looking at these parts of ourselves we can begin to see how they have shaped and formed us in the image of others. We can then realign ourselves with what we want rather then with what we have learned from our interactions with the world around us. Within the lower world is the ultimate capacity for creation or destruction, good or bad, right or wrong, light or dark. Working in the lower world you have the choice of which side gets your attention. You can empower one and overcome the other or you can assimilate both and balance them into your life.

Third Eye Chakra-Center of Vision- Keeper of the Middle world(Conscious mind/Waking world)

The waking world is where we organize and work on the tasks at hand. It is the present moment, the eternal now. This is where we do our work, live our life, grow and expand. It is the innovations we have made to bring more ease to the world, such as horticulture, building, and medicine. This archetype has taught me the importance of mindfulness, and this moment. In this moment all of our power to act lies. If we are not focused on this moment we are giving our potential actionable energy to another force, the past or the future. Both of these forces are just figments of your imagination. When you think of either you are creating an image in your head of these stories. When you are focused on now there are no stories, only action or inaction. Now is when all work is done, yesterday and tomorrow are just thoughts. I have also learned about inspiration. Forcing yourself to do something you are not inspired to do is counterproductive. In a space of inspiration a flow state can occur. In this flow state you will be much more productive then if you force yourself to do anything. Your energy flows where it needs to, forcing it to flow where you want it creates resistance and stress. Flow with the work at hand not against it. Be inspired by what needs to be done next.

Crown Chakra-Center of connection to the Divine- Keeper of the Upper World(superconscious mind)

The Protector of the Upper World is the keeper of the cycles of life and time, and the keeper of timelessness. A representative of divine order and organization. The lessons I learned from this archetype are lessons of acceptance. Allowing what is unchangeable leads to peace, just as much as changing what is changeable. It brings with it the essence of the serenity prayer in its teachings.

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

This lesson is all about the will of The Creator. Changing what we can to make our lives better as well as accepting what we can’t change right now. It is a balance of action and surrender. Surrender to the unchangeable and take action for what is changeable. It is both honoring destiny with faith and accepting responsibility for our role. It is allowing the Creator to guide us with our actions, words, and thoughts. We also learn to surrendering our own judgements and expectations of the world. It is living in harmony with what is, what was, what will be and what we can do individually to allow the will of the Creator be our priority.

If you would like to know more about the Munay Ki rites please contact me for details.

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