The First Dog

While I was cleaning around the house last week, my son had decided he wanted to watch Dreamworks' How To Train Your Dragon. When it had originally released, I had become a big fan of the movie and the sequel movies afterwards. So I allowed him to watch it, watching it myself as I continued to clean.

And it was while watching this movie that something clicked in me. There were parts of the movie I found myself resonating with for some reason. It was while I was pondering this resonation that I realized I was channeling the first human being to convert a wolf into a domestic companion.

I did not receive any information on the person's name, where they lived, or any specific information of this kind, so sadly I have no way of confirming that this actually happened.

If you believe any of this, I would love to share what I know.

While I don't know the exact location, I do remember there was a lot of snow all the time. So I believe this took place far north.

The human in question (Let's call him Evan.) was the son of a renowned member of their community. And the thing that made his father so revered was his ability to hunt and kill wolves.

Evan was raised by his father to do the same, so he was taught everything they knew about wolves. How they hunted, what they ate, where they slept. And it was all very fascinating to Evan. With this knowledge he believed he would be an even better hunter than his father.

But fate took an unexpected turn on him. When he came of age, he was tasked with hunting and killing his first wolf, completely on his own. So he set out into the winter forest and began tracking. What he found, though, was not the vicious group he had expected.

Instead he had tracked down a pup. Not only was it too young and small to hunt, but it was also incapacitated. It's front left leg was gone.

This pup had been born missing a leg, and for that it had been abandoned by its pack.

Evan could tell that it was starving and close to death. So he was faced with a decision. He could either kill it and put it out of its misery, or he could leave it to live or die on its own.

Looking at this wolf pup, however, a strange sadness overcame him. He didn't know it at the time, but it was his empathy blossoming. And it was strengthened further when the pup had finally spotted him.

This pup hadn't learned anything about the dangers of humans from its pack, seeing as it had been on its own since birth. So, with desperation, it wondered if this strange being that smelled of delicious meat would share with him. Slowly, he approached the being and locked eyes with it, hoping to communicate its hunger.

The fact that this pup still wanted to live, despite its loneliness and handicap, tugged at Evan's heart. It compelled him to make a decision that would, unbeknownst to him, change the course of human history.

He pulled out the softest piece of his jerky, rubbed it between his thumb and finger to break it up, and then slowly dropped it before backing away. He had expected the pup to try and attack him, but it saw the food and would only focus on that.

After that, the three legged pup followed Evan as he continued to explore the forest, hoping to get more food from him.

At first, Evan was annoyed and questioned his decision. But he couldn't bring himself to kill the pup. So he continued to leave bits and pieces for it to eat.

Then, one day, a miracle happened. Evan slept several nights in the forest, but on this morning, he awoke to a small patch of course fur next to him. He jumped up, thinking the pup had finally decided to kill him in his sleep, but instead it rolled over and stood there, completely still.

And that was when Evan pet his new companion for the first time.

The rest of the time in the woods, Evan allowed the pup to walk with him and sleep next to him. All the while, he continued to track a small pack down. Then, finally, he found a group of smaller wolves, possibly young adults, and was able to separate and kill the youngest.

The pup watched the human hunt and kill, and realized he could do the same as well. So, on the way back to the village, the pup practiced with mice and rabbits, until he caught a rabbit big enough for him and the human to share.

When the pup brought Evan the hare, he realized that this pup was capable even while missing a leg. And with their companionship, they could work together to survive.

He hid this knowledge, and the pup he had now named (Let's call him Three.), from the village when he first got back. He presented his kill to his father, and then to his mother for prepping and cooking. That night they feasted on the wolf, inviting other dignified members of the community to celebrate.

For quite some time Evan secretly hunted with Three's help. The village believed he simply preferred the silence of hunting alone, so it was allowed. In this time, Three grew into a very strong and smart wolf. Evan grew in strength and knowledge as well. Being around the wolf as it grew up taught him a lot of things, especially that his people hardly knew anything about these other hunters.

Once he felt that they were ready, he revealed Three to his mother and father. His father was very angry about this, and made Evan leave his home forever. He even went so far as to alert the rest of the community of what he viewed as treachery.

With a heavy heart Evan lived in the forest, just outside of the village. Every once in a while, curious children would come to him and either ask questions or throw stones. But since he did not react to the abuse, Three remained calm as well.

In fact, Three found it quite pleasant when the curious kids would rub their hands across his fur.

Through the acceptance of the children, Evan and Three found themselves slowly being accepted by the rest of the village as well. Eventually he was allowed to return, fall in love, and build himself a new home and family.

All the while he became known as the best hunter of the village. With Three at his side, there was nothing too big for them to hunt. There was even a time that they found themselves victorious against a large black bear.

There was a day, however, that Evan got a bit reckless and unaware. It landed him in the center of a pack, and these particular wolves were bigger than any other he had seen.

Quickly the alpha of the pack appeared and began approaching Evan to kill. As it approached, however, Three found his way in between, and he was ready to defend his human.

The alpha and Three recognized each other, for the alpha was Three's biological father and the one that told his mother to abandon him.

As you can imagine, the intensity of the situation was very real. After a brief moment of silent standoff, the alpha attacked.

Three fought the alpha, along with other members of the pack who jumped into the fray. At first he did well on his own, but they took advantage of his missing leg.

Evan did not want to lose his companion, and so he joined the fight as well. Together he and Three managed to kill three of the wolves, including the alpha, before the pack decided to cut their losses and run off.

Evan was unaware of this, but this act showed the wolves that they could find this new strength that Three had with the help of human partners.

The rest of Evan's and Three's lives were spent in peace. Evan became a father and a grandfather, teaching the children how to approach a wolf should they choose to take on a hunting companion.

Three grew old and stopped hunting with Evan, enjoying the simple life. Evan's wife and children constantly gave him treats and bits of the food they didn't like, and he gained quite a bit of weight after his hunting days ended.

Then Three passed away happily in his sleep, ready to join the Source and share his knowledge with all of wolfkind. Much to his spirit's delight, his body was given the same funeral rites as the humans he lived with.

Evan felt it absolutely necessary, as Three was a part of his family.

He decided he would not take on another hunting companion. As time went on and he got old, he let his children and grandchildren take over the role of hunting for the family and the village.

Eventually his time came as well, and he joined the Source knowing Three would be there too.

This is the story I saw, almost quite literally. Whether it happened or not, I cannot say for sure. But I can say this.

Whoever created the bond between canine and human faced many trials, but their combined strength paved the way for something beautiful.

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