The Challenges Of Life

We each face our own unique challenges in life. Some have it easier; some have it harder. The challenges we face are perfect to shape us into who we are meant to be. No matter the event each experience will lead us in that direction.

It is only in resisting these challenges do we struggle through them. Our resistance to what is going on in our life is the only thing that makes any situation more challenging. Stuff happens, struggles arise, and challenges are presented; that is life. How we handle these challenges is our true test of perseverance and maturity.

At times it is easy to get down on ourselves, lose hope, and become distracted to take our minds off of our hardship. And that is okay. If that is how you need to process right now let it be. But, as soon as you see a little light of hope and optimism, pick yourself up, look toward to horizon and keep moving forward.

Each struggle, challenge, or situation you have to face is nothing more than a speedbump on your journey. Go over the bump at the right speed with the right amount of finesse and you will make it over without damage; inevitably. I know that is easier said than done at times, but that's where self-love, self-care, and patience come in. With the most important part being patience.

Some situations take time to resolve, correct, and face head-on. That's where patience comes in; you have to be patient with yourself while you find your solutions, patient with the situation as the solutions are applied, and sometimes patient enough to wait to gain the confidence to face it head-on.

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