The building blocks of your experience

Our life is a string of individual experiences with their own power, lessons, and struggles associated with them. These experiences in large can be linked to 4 aspects of our mind that manifest, shape, and determine the experience and how we react to them. These pieces are mental processes that include; our beliefs, thoughts, judgments, and expectations. Each of these elements helps shape how we interact with ourselves, and others, and how we react to everyday situations.

In large the best way to explain this is to give examples to paint an emotional and visual picture in your mind.

Imagine being a child that was treated in a way that made them feel unwanted; like they were a burden. This treatment over extended periods of time could instill a belief that they are a burden and unwanted. That belief would then inform their expectations about how to further interact with the world. Maybe they never put themselves out there, act shy, or feel like they don’t belong around anyone. They expect others to treat them the same way. This may also make them begin to judge people based on that experience. They may begin to judge and preemptively assume everyone is going to be that way. That they may be as brutal to them as others. This experience may also inform their thoughts about themselves and the world. They may begin to think that they are unwanted and exhibit self-talk to reinforce all of these elements.

I know this may seem like semantics however each of these is slightly different.

  1. Beliefs- Are what you see and perceive in the world and yourself.

  2. Expectations- Are what you believe you have coming and what you believe others may do.

  3. Judgments- These are the projected ideals you put on yourself and others. The preconceived notions of how and experience will go.

  4. Thoughts- The repeated mental mantras, self-talk, negative talk of others, and your repeated ideas.

In a lot of ways these words could be slightly interchangeable, however, they are unique and intimately intertwined with each other. They work together to inform the unconscious mechanisms of the others to activate. Our beliefs inform our judgments, expectations, and thoughts on how to operate. They then work together to reinforce all of them.

As these processes are conditioned, they become ingrained in the individual. They become a part of who they are and who they identify as. Many of these may be elusive in how they influence this but with enough deep diving into our own self and trauma, we can see how they are shaped. And when I say trauma often these experiences are subtle or hidden within our memories.

The above example used is only one of an infinite number of ways your experience as a child writes the code of your beliefs, expectations, judgments, and thoughts. This code is then carried over if not addressed within our own self. Only by examining ourselves to the deepest degree can we see how this all works.

So I encourage you to delve into your memories, write about these aspects of your mind and dissect how all of this together has shaped you into who you are today.

Are your beliefs, expectations, judgments, and thoughts serving your highest good or are they holding you back from living your most authentic life?

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