The Beauty of Speaking and Listening

Throughout the day, I was mulling over what to write today's post about. And in the meantime, I was spending the day with my son. Meanwhile, Bryan was working tirelessly on the computer.

As the day progressed, I felt that I was prioritizing Kenny, while Bryan was prioritizing work.

But as we took some time to talk to each other, it made me realize something key in our journey. I realized that we weren't prioritizing different things at all.

We were merely focusing on alternate aspects of our shared goals.

This is why communication is absolutely critical in any relationship; be it a romantic, parental, sibling, or even a business one. It is crucial to talk out what we want from each other and what we want to give each other.

If we don't, there can be unspoken differences that can lead to unspoken resentments. And those resentments lead to arguments and eventual fallouts.

I can imagine there are many out there that are okay with letting people go to avoid the hard talks. Believe me, I was one of those people for a very long time. I wanted nothing more than to avoid confrontation at all costs. It was what I believed was the cause of heartbreak.

It is, in fact, not the case as I feel I have finally learned today. What truly causes heartbreak is when we feel we are not heard.

This makes us feel as if we have to shout to be heard and understood. When we are with the right people (or should I say wrong people) this may actually be the case.

But when we find those who are willing to listen, a soft voice is heard just as well.

For some, this journey of figuring and refiguring out is a simple means of one conversation with those new friends/family members.

And for some, like me, it is a grueling process of breaking old habits instilled in us so that we can relearn the healthier options.

This process is by no means something to make light of. There are so many of us in this world that struggle and even fail to achieve this lesson of communication. There are even many out there who never start the process. But the blame does not fall on them. They simply have not been shown there can be a difference.

Now I am here, still learning how to communicate effectively, with simply one last piece of wisdom to impart for now.

I ask that each and every one of you look to those who shout to be heard and simply listen. By listening to me and asking me what I want, Bryan has encouraged me to do the hard work necessary to become the person I want to be.

The person my inner child sees in me.

If you stop to listen to those who need it, you can help inspire them as well.

And who knows what beautiful miracles we can create.

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