Munay Ki Rites: The Pi Stone

When you receive the Munay Ki Rites, it is customary for a Pi Stone to be chosen and given to you. These particular stones are shaped like a disc with a hole in the center.

It represents the Wiracocha, an energetic field of divinity that holds our divine blueprint. This creates a toroidal vortex that opens at the head pulling cosmic energy into it and the field it creates surrounds the body.

Basically, this stone is supposed to be a scaled down version of that field.

And it is meant to be a representation of who you are, and what you are capable of.

As you integrate with the Rites, you will come to realize just how powerful this is. Just as I have.

To demonstrate just how powerful these Rites are, I would like to share with you how I received my pi stone.

I had just gotten the first rites, and was finding as much time as I could to meditate with them so that I could progress in receiving the rest of the rites.

While doing so, I randomly decided to ask the spirits for a moonstone. I had become fascinated with them, and did not own one.

Instead, I was shown an image of my next stone to be given to me. It was a pi stone, beautiful and white with silver streaks that reminded me of lightning.

Fast forward to some days later, and Bryan and I received some pi stones in the mail. Granted we had ordered them ourselves, but we did not know what they were going to be made of.

Bryan looked at them first, since I was not home at the time, but did not show them to me. I was content in waiting.

Later, when we were talking about the pi stones, I decided to tell Bryan about the vision given to me during my latest meditation. Immediately I noticed his expression change and, without a word, got up and pulled out the pi stones to show me.

Amongst them, there was my pi stone, looking exactly as I had seen it in my vision. My mind was in shock, but my heart was ecstatic.

This was just another confirmation that our connection to Spirit is very real, and capable of creating miracles.

If you haven't guessed already, my pi stone is made from white howlite, which I have described in detail in my posts about crystals.

Once I did the research on this particular stone, I found that it was exactly what I needed, and not just for myself. For those I loved as well.

Now I carry it practically everywhere with me, and it gives me a sense of comfort and confidence in what I am capable of.

Hopefully, once you receive the Munay Ki Rites, you will discover this and rejoice in what you can do.

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