Munay Ki Archetypes: Upper Earth Keeper

As we grow spiritually and develop into a higher consciousness, we develop a higher thinking. And this higher thinking, in my view, is where the Upper Earth Keeper comes in.

As I stated before, the Earth Keepers take on different forms based on the individuals they come into contact with. When I had my strange experience with the choosing of my Keepers' forms, my mind went straight to the Red-Tailed Hawk.

Looking back on it, I believe this is because I have come to associate the Upper Earth (or Higher Earth as I tend to call it) with the sky above me.

In that sense, I feel the Red-Tailed Hawk is here to remind me that the Higher Realms are not literally above me, but rather existing on the same level of this Earth. This ties into the message of this lifetime that God (or Source or Mother Earth or Aya or whatever you want to call it) is not separate from us but rather within us as well as around us.

There are, however, some unique lessons in the Red-Tailed Hawk. Lessons which I wish to share with you today.

When I meditated with the Hawk, I found myself sitting on top. Once again I was in tribal clothing and, this time, I carried a bow and arrow. In the sky we were the overseer of my inner desert landscape. And when it was time to rest we landed at the peak of a mountain,

This was definitely the shortest of the meditations with my Earth Keepers, but that does not mean it was not informative.

The Hawk is a hunter of the skies, and therefore able to see more of its world. This leads to what I feel is a better look at the big picture of the world around us. And, through higher understanding, this is something I feel we are all trying to achieve.

This better sight, this better sense of vision, leads to the knowing. After all, seeing is believing. And believing is the first step to knowing.

The Hawk is also a hunter by nature, but not for sport. It is simply through necessity and survival. The Upper Earth Keeper being a Red-Tailed Hawk, for me, is the truth that there are some things that I can hunt down out of necessity within myself. These things I feel are the things within that no longer serve my higher purpose. They are also things that may, in fact, be harming me.

The Red-Tailed Hawk is also one of the most adaptable birds that I know of. It has subspecies that reside in Alaskan forests, Colorado deserts, and as far south as Panama. They also have a wide variety in coloring as well.

These show me the nature of life to adapt and survive whatever circumstance it finds itself in. This is something we, as humans, can definitely relate to. And our variety in color as well. The point of it, however, may not be what everyone thinks it to be.

To me, it is a look at the paradox of how we are all different, yet all the same.

Through all of this knowledge, I feel the protective yet distant nature of the Upper Earth Keeper. It knows that it cannot interfere with the lessons needed, but it is more than willing to step in when it is needed.

And, when the time is right, to lift us up to the next level of our journey.

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