Munay Ki Archetypes: The Snake

When you receive the Munay Ki Rites, you are connected to the world around you in many ways. One of these ways is through the Archetypes universally known to those who receive the rites.

The first Archetype is the snake. It is not given a specific breed of snake, as all snakes are connected to this Archetype. For me, though, I always see it as a green Mojave Diamondback snake.

And, like its appearance, the Snake Archetype connects in different ways for each person. To understand this connection, those who receive the Rites are supposed to meditate and focus on the snake.

In my meditations, I imagined myself as the Snake, observing its movements and reactions to certain surroundings. And through this, I learned many things.

To start with, all snakes shed their skin after growing out of it. While they are able to do this physically, we as humans are able to energetically shed our old selves as we grow. It even shows on a physical level for us as well. Did you know that your body is completely changed every seven years? In that time period, our bodies shed old and dying cells within us to replace them with new and better working ones. It becomes even more apparent when we watch how our wounds heal over time.

The energetic shedding for us, as people, happens whenever we make changes to our lives. Anytime we close off a connection with someone, or open up a new connection, or even make changes to how we act around those connections, we become a new person and thus shed the old version of ourselves. For some people, this happens quite often. And for others this could be a rare occasion.

No one way is right or wrong, seeing as everyone leads different lives, which can lead to differing needs. But everyone, eventually, follows the flow of change.

Another thing about the Snake I had noticed was that it does not attack unless it is provoked or hunting its food.

I understand that there can be many different interpretations as to how this can relate to humans, but I will gladly share my viewpoint.

When a snake attacks, it reveals its darker side, its fiercer side, and its determined will. It also reveals its true power.

For me, this is a wonderful philosophy to live by. We as people can hold back our aggression, until we are provoked to do so. Whether in a position of self defense, defense of a loved one, or even being denied something we truly desire. But this does not mean we should fear the darker things we are willing to do for ourselves and others. Rather we should temper this emotional tool with our logical thoughts so that we can drive this energy towards what is truly important to us.

Because of these abilities the snake possesses, it is revered and respected by its surroundings. But it also has many predators, depending on its size and location. This shows me that, even though it is a fierce and powerful animal, it is simply a part of the natural order.

Just as we are, both individually and collectively.

Through the Snake, I learned all of this and more. The rest I will let you discover for yourselves, but I will share one more lesson.

Within the Snake, I found in myself the grace of both silent observance and thunderous determination.

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