Munay Ki Archetypes: The Eagle/Condor

In North America it is the Eagle. In South America it is the Condor. But within the Rites, they represent the same archetype.

Both of these birds are graceful in the sky, and proven to be deadly predators. But when you meditate with them, you find there is more to them than their hunting skills.

Since I live in North America, I have meditated with the Eagle, and found some encouraging messages.

To make hunting and flying easier, Eagles will fly during storms, using the wind pressure to glide. Even through the rain and lightning, it goes on, knowing it will find what it seeks.

This is something that I am sure we all can relate to. Weathering the storms of life is no small task, but it is encouraging to know it will be worth it in the end.

The Eagle is also a very keen eye. It is said that some of them have much better eyesight than most other species, including humans. For me, this is a message to look beyond what is in front of me and allow my ambitions to paint a picture of my future. In doing so I will be able to create the life I want.

Doing this will take strength, which the Eagle carries with dignity.

The Eagle is also dignified in that it knows what it hunts has lives of their own. But it knows that it is a part of the natural cycle to hunt and consume others. Therefore, it settles the mind with a businesslike mentality and, when prompted, thinks of nothing more than feeding its children.

As a mom, I can understand the mentality of only focusing on my child's needs. For some, it could be the only reason they get up or do something rather unpleasant.

This interaction with other animals also reminds me that, though I will try, I cannot always be pleasant with everyone I meet. Sometimes I will have to approach in a businesslike manner or even strike down as the Eagle uses its talons. But this is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. It is a natural part of life, as we all want different things out of it.

What is truly important is whether we come out of these interactions feeling as though we did right by our selves.

Throughout time, people of different backgrounds and cultures have seen the Eagle for these qualities. In fact, there are some texts that say the Eagle carries souls to heaven. And in Greek mythology, the eagle was said to be the bird of Zeus, a form which he sometimes took on.

While we know eagles do not literally fly up to the heavens, there may be some truth to what the people spoke of them. Even if in a metaphorical sense.

I think the biggest reason for this is the sense of dignity mentioned earlier. It has been seen within the Eagle for thousands of years. And, as a result, it has been given the awe and respect I feel it has earned.

This is something that we all aspire to in one way or another. And I feel we can achieve this level of manner with just one simple step.

And that is to carry our darker side, our fierce ambitions and selfish tendencies, with clear minds and strong hearts.

Only then will others accept it, just as they did with the Eagle.

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