Munay Ki Archetypes: Middle Earth Keeper

It is funny how life hands us coincidences to make of them what we wish. Since posting about the Lower Earth Keeper, it has continuously rained on and off where I live. And this is coincidental to me because it leads to the next Archetype, the Middle Earth Keeper.

The form I chose for it was the Cheetah, though at the time I did this I wasn't sure why. But once I had the vision of the Horse of Fire, I knew I had to find out. So, after sitting with the Horse for a few days, I decided to meditate with the Cheetah.

And what I discovered almost brought me to tears.

I was immediately brought to my inner landscape, which in this meditation was the desert full of oasis' that I have mentioned in previous posts. The oasis I was in this time looked like the typical oasis you see in movies. A pond surrounded by greenery mixed with a few palm trees. And laying next to the pond was the Cheetah, staring at me as if in waiting.

I approached the Cheetah, and as I did, the sky began to rain lightly. In response the Cheetah stood, and when I reached it, it rubbed against my leg and purred in house cat fashion.

This made me feel childishly giddy for a moment, and when it did the rain began pouring down faster and in bigger drops. At this, the Cheetah began running around the desert in bliss.

That was when I realized I was wearing tribal clothing once again, only this time a spear appeared in my hand. Holding it up like a walking stick, I continued to watch the Cheetah as it ran around. And I noticed something.

The more joy and love I felt within me, the harder it rained, and the faster the Cheetah ran.

I stood there, watching the Cheetah for what felt like eternity, but I knew I had to get back to the outside world. The Cheetah instantly knew and ran back to me, rubbing and purring once again when it did.

I pet the Cheetah and gave it thanks, then ended the meditation.

In that meditation, I learned how my Middle Earth Keeper resided within my heart, and how it was fueled by the emotions associated with the heart chakra.

The Cheetah, to me, represents joy in all things, especially movement, along with love for all things. And this, not surprisingly, includes myself.

It reminded me that I have the capacity to love myself and everything around me, and that love is what inspires the joyfulness within the Cheetah that resides in me. Because love is all encompassing, like the rain. Also, like the rain, it brings life.

The Cheetah also represents the paradise that can be found within ourselves and in the world around us. All we have to do is look for it, and it's there.

Later, as I sat with the Cheetah more, I realized its spots reminded me of the scars I carry on my body. Yet the Cheetah wears them with pride. And it made me think that, just maybe, I could carry my scars with pride as well.

I'm sure there is more the Cheetah has to offer me, as it resides within the center of my being. The place where all of me comes from.

But for now, I impart what I have learned so far to you, the reader.

And I hope it brings you just as much joy as it does me.

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