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The Munay Ki Rites

Munay= Universal Love Ki= Energy Munay Ki= Energy of Universal Love

The Munay Ki Rites are initiatory shamanic practices from the Andean and Amazonian native traditions. The rites are energetic transmissions that assist in the healing process of trauma, and karmic patterns both self created and passed down from our parents and ancestors. 

The rites are coded and transmitted with the intention to inform and upgrade the energetic body with higher vibrational energy. They prepare the body, mind and spirit for divine union and At-one-ment. You accept a great and nobel responsibility when recieving this initiation. This work is not about you or me, it is about stewardship. It is not an award or accomplishment. It is a personal and collective act of service to the planet; all of the creatures, humans, and plants. 

The rites are made up of 9 transmissions, that can be performed in person or through a distance. They are broken into 3 sets. 

The Foundation rites: Awaken your inner seer and the essence of your true self, they protect, heal, and activate your energetic system. 

The Lineage Rites: Connects you with powerful Guardians; The Day Keepers, Wisdom Keepers, and Earth keepers. They help heal and balance your feminine and masculine energies, help remove unnecessary suffering, offer wisdom, and show you the way to dreaming the life you want. 

The Rites to Come: Connect you with all future possibilities and give you the ability to live within the essence of pure consciousness, allowing it to guide and open your ability to dream a new world for our children and future generations. A world where we remember who we are and our job, to protect and watch over this beautiful place we call earth. We usher in a new earth and heaven when we take responsibility for our part of the suffering on this planet.


1. The healer's rite

2. Bands of power

3. Harmony rite

4. Seer's rite


1. Day keeper’s rite

2. Wisdom keeper’s rite

3. Earth keeper’s rite


1. Star keeper’s rite

2. Creator rite

3. Soul Star Rite

If you would like more information or would are called to recieve the rites contact me below. I will get back to you within 24hrs. You may also Email me at

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