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Coaching Agreement

Required for Coaching services.

As a client of REWRITE MY STORY LLC. coaching services, agree that I will be present and prepared for all sessions at or before the start time. I am ready, willing and open to the process of change. I will work with my coach to best find a path toward my desired goals and outcomes that work for me and my life. All homework will be done with an open mind and heart. I accept that my coach will hold me accountable to the agreements I make with myself during our sessions. It is my responsibility to do the work present for the process of transformation and change.

I understand that the coaching services can and will be terminated if responsibility and dedication is not exercised during the course of our sessions. My discipline and dedication will be a direct representation of my relationship with the changes desired, as well as to myself and my coach. I understand, under no circumstance is it the coach's responsibility to do the work for me. This work is for my growth and can only be done by me.

I understand that all sessions are formulated in a way to empower me to actively think, process, and determine the best pathway of action to desired goals. All sessions and coaching suggestions are negotiable and can be changed, reformatted, or left out entirely if they do not resonate with me fully. The coach is not an authority figure to follow, they are cooperative partners that offer alternative angles and perspectives to current life situations and pathways toward goals.

I agree that all sessions will be paid for in advance. Each session will need to be paid for upon scheduling, there will be no exceptions to this rule, unless fully discussed with coach, and an agreement has been made prior to services. In order to make these kinds of agreements an in-depth conversation regarding the negotiation of services will have to be done, prior to scheduling. I understand that the coach is not obligated make to any changes to this policy to accommodate my needs, and service can be refused until payment is made.   

These agreements are made to ensure that the boundaries of the coach and client relationship are upheld to the highest standards possible. They are made to protect myself and the coach. By making these agreements I acknowledge that I understand and accept these terms and boundaries prior to services being provided.

Thanks for submitting!

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