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This is a place for Taylor and me to write about what we enjoy, to teach in a small way, and offer our own experiences. Topics will include The Munay ki rites, self-mastery, energy work, and healing of our minds, bodies, and spirits.


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Family, Work, and Priorities.

This is a story that hit my heart pretty hard recently. The credit for the story below goes to the author. I do not own it nor do I claim it as my own. I am simply sharing it so maybe it may have even a little impact on all those that read this. The story goes like this; Daddy, How Much Do You Make An Hour? By Matt Hogan https://movemequotes.com/story-on-family-priorities/ SON: “Daddy, may I ask you a question?” DAD: “Yeah sure, what is it?” SON: “Daddy, how much do you make

Munay Ki Rites: The Pi Stone

When you receive the Munay Ki Rites, it is customary for a Pi Stone to be chosen and given to you. These particular stones are shaped like a disc with a hole in the center. It represents the Wiracocha, an energetic field of divinity that holds our divine blueprint. This creates a toroidal vortex that opens at the head pulling cosmic energy into it and the field it creates surrounds the body. Basically, this stone is supposed to be a scaled down version of that field. And it i

It's ok to not be ok.

It's customary in the United States culturally to say, "I'm good." "I'm doing fine." Or "living the dream." Or another greeting of the like to the question. "How are you?" This may be the case elsewhere as well. I can only speak from my cultural lens. It's asked virtually in every interaction with anyone in the USA. While answers like these are the norm and the expectation. But, when that question is answered how many of us are actually telling the truth? Are you really alrig

The future?

As I sit here at The Golden Trail Metaphysical Shop contemplating the future. I am struck by this idea, a strong thought form.

The Beauty of Speaking and Listening

Throughout the day, I was mulling over what to write today's post about. And in the meantime, I was spending the day with my son. Meanwhile, Bryan was working tirelessly on the computer. As the day progressed, I felt that I was prioritizing Kenny, while Bryan was prioritizing work. But as we took some time to talk to each other, it made me realize something key in our journey. I realized that we weren't prioritizing different things at all. We were merely focusing on alternat

Munay Ki Archetypes: Upper Earth Keeper

As we grow spiritually and develop into a higher consciousness, we develop a higher thinking. And this higher thinking, in my view, is where the Upper Earth Keeper comes in. As I stated before, the Earth Keepers take on different forms based on the individuals they come into contact with. When I had my strange experience with the choosing of my Keepers' forms, my mind went straight to the Red-Tailed Hawk. Looking back on it, I believe this is because I have come to associate

Munay Ki Archetypes: Middle Earth Keeper

It is funny how life hands us coincidences to make of them what we wish. Since posting about the Lower Earth Keeper, it has continuously rained on and off where I live. And this is coincidental to me because it leads to the next Archetype, the Middle Earth Keeper. The form I chose for it was the Cheetah, though at the time I did this I wasn't sure why. But once I had the vision of the Horse of Fire, I knew I had to find out. So, after sitting with the Horse for a few days, I

Munay Ki Archetypes: Lower Earth Keeper

If you recall in a previous post, I had an experience with the ancestors shortly after receiving the rites. They asked me to choose the forms for which my Lower, Middle, and Upper Earth Keepers took. It was completely unexpected and I felt unprepared. But there was something within me that already knew what animals to choose. And so I presented the images of the Horse, Cheetah, and Red-Tailed Hawk. Afterward, I didn't think too much about it. But then, a couple of days later,