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This is a place for Taylor and me to write about what we enjoy, to teach in a small way, and offer our own experiences. Topics will include The Munay ki rites, self-mastery, energy work, and healing of our minds, bodies, and spirits.


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Working With Crystals: White Howlite

When I received the Munay-Ki rites from Bryan, I began meditating more often to connect with the ancestors and the archetypes. (I will be doing some posts about these soon.) It was during this time that Bryan ordered a few pi stones (another part of the Munay-Ki rites) to give to those who received the rites through him. I hadn’t had a chance to look at them yet when I meditated for the day. In honesty, I wanted to ask the spirits for a Moonstone, because I believed they were

Working With Crystals: Aventurine

Aventurine is a crystal that has some contradiction on how it first came to be. Some say that the Amazonians first used them in their shields. Others say an 18th century glass worker accidentally created the stone when he dropped metal shavings into a vat of melted glass. Either way, this crystal has become known as both a healing stone and a good luck charm. With its ability to grant a little luck in your endeavors, it has become popular with gamblers. And with the belief it

Working With Crystals: Malachite

The beautiful green of the Malachite makes us think of emeralds and other clear-cut gems popularly known as status symbols of wealth. And with its ability to bring luck and prosperity, it draws a lot of attention to itself. As far back as 4,000 BC, Egyptians mined this stone and ground it down for eye shadow. Because of how easy it was to grind the stone into powder, the Greeks named it Malakos (meaning soft). Then throughout time it became almost tradition to give your child

Working With Crystals: Tiger's Eye

Said to contain power from both the sun and the earth, Tiger’s Eye was immediately associated with the mythical tiger king of all beasts. It was believed by ancient societies to grant the ability to see everything, even through closed doors. Because of its associative name, the Egyptians used this crystal as the eyes for deity statues, as a representation of their divine vision. This also led to its use by the Romans to encourage bravery in battle. When we look at Tiger’s Eye

Working With Crystals: Kyanite

Kyanite is a crystal I hold near and dear to my heart because of the wonders it has done for Bryan, and for myself as well. Before it was known as Kyanite, however, it went through a list of names. What started as Disthene changed to Rhaeticide, then Cyanite and Kyanos, and then it finally found its present name. The power it is known for, however, never changed. It is said to be the material used for Archangel Michael’s sword, most likely because it is known as the most powe

Working With Crystals: Aquamarine

When you think of a crystal with the name Aquamarine you are, of course, going to associate it with water. And you would be correct in doing so. Aquamarine crystals have been used to protect sailors at sea, help children overcome their fears of swimming, and to encourage the life and protection of aquatic animals. Its abilities with water, however, are not the only things this stone has been recognized for. Romans revered it for bringing together both lovers and enemies alike

Working With Crystals: Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is a crystal that I personally love to use because of the intense energy it gives off. But with all that it has been associated with and used for, it’s no wonder. For centuries this stone has been used in the making of weapons, from arrowheads to ritual blades. The blades would be used to cut ties between people, while the arrowheads were used in war. Nowadays you can still use them, as the arrowheads can be turned into amulets of powerful protection. Sages and

Working With Crystals: Smoky Quartz

Another quartz gem with quite an extensive history and a myriad of uses, this crystal is well known for being the official gem of Scotland. But they aren’t the only ones who have been known to use it. It was said to have first been mined by the Celts in the wild Cairngorm Mountains. They then used it to make pins for men’s kilts and brooches for ladies to wear on their chests. The Chinese used it in a similar fashion, only they used it to make sunglasses. Meanwhile Romans and