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This is a place for Taylor and me to write about what we enjoy, to teach in a small way, and offer our own experiences. Topics will include The Munay ki rites, self-mastery, energy work, and healing of our minds, bodies, and spirits.


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Working With Crystals: Clear Quartz

Another well known quartz, Clear Quartz is commonly referred to as Crystal Quartz. It is also known as a Master Healer, since it has many uses and is an amplifying stone compatible with any other crystal you can come across. Its history has quite the connection with the divine as well. Grecians believed this crystal was created when Hercules dropped the Crystal of Truth from the top of Mount Olympus. So it followed that anyone who was in possession of it could not lie. I imag

Working With Crystals: Amethyst

Though it is not in the name, Amethyst is another crystal under the quartz family and a very popular one at that. Its purple hue makes it aesthetically pleasing for many and reflects its calming nature. Since 25,000 BC, there have been many superstitions about this crystal in particular. It was said that Amethyst crystals will change color if its owner was under a spell of black magic, fearfulness or deception. This extended to the Greeks believing that if a goblet was made o

Working With Crystals: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is quite possibly the most well-known crystal there is out there. You may know it as the Heart Stone or the Love Stone, and for good reason. This crystal is most commonly used as a tool for lovers to deepen their connections, and even is commonly used as a fertility charm. But, through personal use and research, I have found that there is much more to Rose Quartz. It has an extensive history, dating as far back as 800 BC. At this time the Assyrians would craft thi

Working With Crystals: The Basics

Throughout this entire experience of spiritual healing and growth, crystals have been a key component for me. So I feel it is only right to share what I have experienced with crystals, as well as guide those who wish to work with these special gems. For the next few weeks, I will be getting into detail with the many well-known crystals and even some not-so-well-known. Before that, though, we should go through the general information. The first thing you need to know is that n

The Balance of Life

You know how they say there’s always a silver lining? Well, there may be some merit to that. In this lifetime, I have noticed that whenever something really bad happens, something really good tends to follow. It also happens vice versa, unfortunately, but I’ve learned to adapt to it. This is because, to the extent of my knowledge, the universe seeks balance. And, if you look within yourself, you will find that you do as well. Once again, we see an example of how our outer wor

Using Music to Move

If you talk to anyone you know, chances are slim-to-none you will find someone who hates music, or even dislikes it. Why is this, you may ask. To put it simply, music reaches a place within you that words cannot even get close to. If you don’t believe me, just look at the science. In 1994, scientist Masaru Emoto collected water samples from around the world. He then froze those samples and analyzed their crystalline structures. And what he found astonish many people still to

Is Minimizing For You

Over time, we all collect a vast number of items in our homes. And for those with significant others, pets, and/or children, the amount acquired can be doubled or tripled. This can make cleaning and tidying an overwhelming chore. I know, for me, cleaning is a constant battle, especially where my son’s toys are concerned. Is there even a possible solution? For me and my family, we have found that living a more minimalist lifestyle has made a great difference. Reducing what you

Finding Your Home

For many, finding that special place called home can be a difficult process. There are those subjugated to constant moving around and instability. And there are those who, no matter how stable they’re life is, still don’t feel at home. You may ask yourself why some might feel this way. In order to understand this, we should first define what it means to be home. In the physical sense, your home is where you keep your belongings and sleep at night. It is where you go when you