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Who are we?

Holder of each others Heart and Crown.

Taylor and Bryan Chenault are twin flames that met in 2014 at important transition points in each other's lives. Upon meeting their lives were sent on a path of change, transformation, and healing.
Taylor held the love Bryan needed to heal from a past of trauma.
Bryan held the connection to Spirit Taylor shut off due to her family history. 
Together they healed, Connected to each other. And taught each other how to love, feel, be confident, speak, and dream. Together they have awoken to immense potential in themselves
Bryan is the author of "Wake them up, Bring them home: HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS." He is also an orgonite crafter, energy worker, Munay Ki mentor, and life coach. He is currently working toward becoming a registered yoga teacher and pursuing a degree in psychology and religion as a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.  
Taylor is an energy worker and Munay Ki mentor, and crafter. She is the main author of our personal blog and is working on a multi-book fantasy series that will surely blow your mind. Updates on her first book will come soon. 
They are the parents of one child and aim to raise conscious children that know their true divine potential as a child of the Creator as they also grow closer to IT.

Image by Greg Rakozy

Code of Ethics and Privacy Policy

If you would like to know what standards I old myself to feel free to download my Personal Code of Ethics and Privacy Policy here.

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